Her Peeping Tom Series

Volume One
Recent graduate Sara Coyne has it all: a new job, a new downtown apartment, and the freedom to finally explore the world of dating after having left her cheating ex-fiance behind. He had been the only real relationship she’d ever known and the only person she’d ever been intimate with. Sara was ready to broaden her horizons. But, when her first night spent with another man in her new apartment ends with an anonymous letter and stack of cash sent from an obvious peeping tom, Sara’s new world begins to feel like it may crumble down on top of her. Who is this person, and why did he make himself known to Sara with an envelope full of money?

Volume Two
Sara was beginning to recover from discovering she had a Peeping Tom who had watched her during some of her most intimate moments. She was still confused and shaken by the strange note and wad of cash he had sent her though, so she decides to confide in her lifelong friend, Marcus Knight. But when Marcus sees this as his opportunity to exude his dominance and finally have the little white girl he’d dreamed of for years, it poses a whole new set of challenges and questions for Sara; not the least of which is will her Peeping Tom be watching?

Each volume of the “Her Peeping Tom” series is a stand-alone story, however to get the full enjoyment of following along with Sara on her emotional—and physical—roller coaster journey it is advised to read the series in order.

Volume Three (Coming Soon…)